European Day Of Languages (EDoL)



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European Day of Languages

Every year on the 26th September we celebrate the ‘European Day of Languages‘ at De Aston.

We do a variety of activities to celebrate linguistic diversity and promote the importance of language learning and intercultural understanding.

These activities include:

  • house competition language quizzes
  • treasure hunts
  • language challenges
  • our famous house baking competition!

Take a look at some of our previous student and staff entries for the baking competition. C’est magnifique! 

  • croissant cake
  • eiffel tower cake
  • 3D eiffel tower cake
  • french flag cupcakes
  • moped cake
  • cake montage
  • cake montage
  • french flag cake
  • flag cupcakes
  • eiffel tower spongecake
  • Irish hat cake
  • Flag flapjacks
  • colourful flag cake