French Culture

On this page, you can explore French culture and French speaking countries! Find and listen to some French music and podcasts. Watch TV shows and films in French or explore a French book. Discover French cuisine and recipes, why not try some French cooking yourself?! Find out about French festivals and celebrations and explore France on the world map!

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Got Spotify? Find and follow MFL De Aston to listen to our French music playlists. If you haven’t got the Spotify app it’s free to download and listen from your App Store!

Have a look at this week’s top 200 songs in France. Why not try searching for some of them on Youtube and have a listen!

Download our guide to French music below and check them out on Youtube!

Or click here to hear French singer Sara’h translate all your favourite songs into French!

Or practise French by translating lyrics yourself with lyricstraining.


Find a great array of books on The French Experiment.

Or experience classic childrens’ stories in French on Fable Cottage.

Find French fairy tales on Youtube, like this one:


French baking is famous across the world, but on Netflix French baking show ‘C’est Du Gateau‘ its hard to believe!

Why not try cooking something French yourself! Go to and search for ‘French recipes’.


Explore a map of France!

Or find out which countries speak French on this interactive map or on this Wikipedia page.

You can read fun facts about France here.

Film & TV

Why not check out French shows on Netflix, or change the audio/subtitle settings to French, download our guide to find out how.

GCSE students can check out Walter Presents on All4 for award-winning foreign language drama.

There’s also plenty on Amazon Prime Video if that’s more your cup of tea.

Or even YouTube!


See which of your favourite celebrities is bilingual


Our De Aston MFL Spotify page has loads of ideas for podcasts to listen to to enhance your skills, like this Duolingo playlist


One of the most famous sporting events in France is the Tour De France. Have a look at the official website for more information.

Festivals and Celebrations

Have a look on BBC Bitesize for information on French festivals and celebrations.